How are MOBS shoes sized?

As we make a variety of styles with different last shapes, constructions and materials, many of our shoes fit slightly different based on the attributes of that shoe. We do our best to adhere to footwear industry standards regarding length and width. Our shoes use premium full grain leather uppers and linings, which means the shoes will stretch a bit as you wear them and mold to the shape of your foot. As we gain more customer feedback, we make additional notes in each of the product page descriptions with specific size suggestions for that style. If you are looking for additional comments from verified customers, we share product reviews for every shoe at the bottom of the product page. If you have any questions regarding fit and want to know about a specific style, please feel free to DM us on Instagram and we will help the best we can. If you are still unsure of the sizing, you can always order 2 different sizes and return the ones that don't fit. After all, shipping and returns are free.


How do I clean my MOBS shoes?

We recommend a “less is more” approach to cleaning your MOBS shoes. We build the shoes from the finest materials available and recommend professional cleaning of any marks or stains that cannot be removed easily. Please don’t try to wash your shoes in a washing machine or dryer, or using bleach or chemical cleaning products as this may damage the shoes.


Does MOBS sell in retail stores?

Currently MOBS does not sell in any retail stores. We sell exclusively through our own website which allows us to develop a closer relationship with our customers and keep overhead costs low. We offer free shipping and returns so you can try them on in the comfort of your own home. 


Where does MOBS Produce its shoes?

MOBS shoes are produced in Southern China. We were work with reputable factories that produce shoes for many well-known brands and adhere to a strict ethical policy. This allows us to access the expertise for modern manufacturing methods that combine both technology and craftsmanship that factories in other countries can’t offer. The MOBS brand lives through the tread, so we've designed exclusive signature outsoles, custom knit uppers, and a style philosophy that is uniquely our own.