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has as its mission to create elegant sneakers that can be used in all types of scenarios. Centered around MOBILITY, OPTIMISM, BEAUTY and SOUL, MOBS is about creating versatile footwear, preparing you for any situation as you navigate your everyday life. From going to the beach, to hiking, to walking into a business meeting, these shoes can travel miles with you and simultaneously allow you to look like you are exactly where you are supposed to be wherever you end up. Whoever you are, whatever you do, MOBS is here to support you on the way.


Made from a combination of modern athletic construction techniques, such as the combination of molded EVA midsoles and rubber sole components, you can expect nothing less than quality from MOBS. Inside the shoe is a premium antimicrobial foam sock liner that offers immediate and long lasting steps in comfort. Eager to make sure our shoes are many-sided, we balance out our intricate builds with effortless elegance. This allows for shoes that are not only incredibly stylish, but also feel comfortable and allow for trouble-free mobility.


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MOBS offers a variety of leather finishes, from smooth and slightly shiny "vero" full-grain leather, to plump and soft tumbled leather, to velvety nubuck, to suede and "nomad" leather. From stitch details and component finishes to branding, our commitment to making premium sneakers is endless as we continuously strive to provide our customers with long-lasting comfort and breathability.


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Over the years, MOBS has produced a wide array of genderless sneakers that complement each other with their comparable designs and style. It is thanks to the relationships the brand has formed with independent sneaker manufacturers that it has been able to achieve its mission of producing these high quality sneakers in smaller quantities, allowing for each individual shoe to be treated with genuine care. At MOBS, we aim to make our customers' lives easier by creating high-end staple shoes that can be worn for every occasion. We offer free shipping and returns, allowing you to try our comfortable shoes within the comfort of your own home. 


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