What is MOBS?

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MOBS is a contemporary footwear brand founded by Alexandre Benaim, looking to reset expectations and redefine the category. 

MOBS is a team of passionate creators working to blend clean design aesthetic, premium materials and technology to create beautifully crafted sneakers for the global nomad.

MOBILITY, OPTIMISM, BEAUTY and SOUL are the brand's unique foundation.

MOBILITY // Increasingly, we live in a global culture of movement, enabled by technology and driven by the desire for positive change. As such, we are inspired by the ingenuity of nomadic peoples now and through history, specifically the talent and insight to combine found materials in a way that goes beyond simple function.

OPTIMISM // We see day to day life as abundant and full of fascinating possibilities. We know that down every new road and around every corner lies new opportunity. We believe we can accomplish anything we dream by devoting our minds and hearts to the endeavor.

BEAUTY // We cherish beauty in all things and particularly in the places that we explore. We are equally inspired by the stunning forms of the natural world and the boundless creativity of our fellow man. From the most remote locations to the fast-paced urban jungle, we find beauty in personal interactions, our work and countless discoveries.

SOUL // We believe that the essence of a person is defined by their unique life experiences, and hope to inspire people on their quest for True Modern Discovery.

TRUE MODERN DISCOVERY is woven into our company culture and serves as our guide. It embodies our philosophy, mentality and spirit.

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