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Some of the biggest social influencers are fans of MOBS Design’s shoes, wearing them on their day off as much as on their way to work. All styles in the collection are offered in both men and women sizes. From our modern refined sneakers to our boots, come shop your favorites!

The Tread High's are a favorite, with celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr, wearing the Dusty Rose Nubuck color on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show while promoting "Avengers Infinity War". Crafted with Nubuck, full-grain leather, tumbled leather or suede, these premium shoes are modern and stylish. The Tread High sneaker is also designed for mobility, as the construction is engineered to be flexible and comfortable.

MOBS Shoes Sneaker High Top Robert Downey Jr Jimmy Kimmel Avengers

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The Tread Moc is a statement mid-top sneaker that is easy to wear and projects an effortlessly chic vibe. Fashion blogger Laurie Ferraro (@laurie_ferraro) shows us how easily they can elevate a look by pairing them with a simple outfit. Perfect for all seasons, the Tread Moc is made out of Nubuck leather, "Nomad" Leather or Tumbled Leather and includes an adjustable kilt. Don’t miss out on this iconic style!



MOBS Shoes Tread Moc Laurie Ferraro

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Another popular choice by our loving social influencers is the Tread Low. This versatile style is the ultimate everyday shoe and can be worn anywhere at any time. MOBS Design’s Tread Low is an ideal alternative to the typical mainstream brands, offering premium materials in a diverse range of colors and materials. Follow Jeanine Amapola (@jeanineamapola), Janine Mari Tugonon (@tugononjanine) and Erika Vargas (@erikadvm) in their shoe choices and get your pair now!

MOBS Shoes Tread Low Sneaker White Jeanine Amapola

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The Grid Phase TR is a modern silhouette for both men and women. The unisex designer sneaker is crafted with an engineered stretch-knit upper to fit your foot comfortably and slide on like a sock. The Grid Phase TR also features premium leather overlays on the sides as a juxtaposition to the performance knit technology. Instagram star, Ian Crumm (@ianmcrumm) is a big fan of MOBS Design shoes showing off his new kicks.

MOBS Shoes Grid Phase TR Sneaker Ian Crumm

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These polished low top sneakers exude a sense of effortless style, making them timeless. You will find people like fashion blogger Gergana Ivanova (@fashionismyfortee) loving MOBS Design’s Grid Premier as they are high quality, stylish and comfortable footwear. Combine these premium sneakers with a pair of ripped jeans or rolled up khaki pants and you are good to go! Choose from a range of colors and materials!

MOBS Shoes Grid Premier Sneaker Gergana Ivanova

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A hybrid between a sneaker and a boot, the Tread Boot combines the best of both. The Tread Boot has structure while equally possessing the flexibility and comfort of a sneaker. This stye also features a zipper which makes them easy to put on and take off. Offered in Metallic Crackle Leather, "Vero" Leather and velvety Nubuck Leather, this fashion staple exudes a sense of tough luxury. Eric Hinman (@erichinman) demonstrates how easily they complete an outfit. These designer boots are definitely not to miss.

MOBS Shoes Tread Boot Eric Hinman

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The Grid Alpine TR is a modern and stylish seasonal boot. With a premium leather upper, gusseted tongue, outdoor hardware and aggressive trail outsole, this style draws upon inspiration from iconic hiking and military boots, all while offering protection from the elements and effortless style. Max Ehrich (@maxehrich) combines them with jeans, a t-shirt and a beanie for a rugged streetwear look.

MOBS Shoes Grid Alpine TR Boot Max Ehrich

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 MOBS Design focuses on offering premium footwear for everyone, providing luxury comfort with modern designs. For all you Instagram lovers, come check out the latest sneakers and boots MOBS Design has to offer. Find which models these famous internet stars are wearing and get your pair now!

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