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The Best White Sneakers for Spring

Posted by Jenny Dorlando on

If you follow street style at fashion week, you know one of the seasonal standards is the white sneaker. Regardless of your personal style, everyone needs a pair and they compliment any outfit. With spring right around the corner, we have already started planning all the ways to wear our white sneakers. MOBS offers a perfect pair that combine premium materials and functional features.

Why you'll love them:

The MOBS Tread Low in Blanc is a sleek and refined low top sneaker featuring a premium full-grain tumbled leather upper, leather lining and removable antimicrobial foam sock liner. It's signature tire inspired molded rubber outsole with internal EVA midsole provides flexibility, cushioning and traction perfect for your active lifestyle. It's subtle design makes it a solid choice for fashion forward minimalists. 

Best White Sneakers

Best White Sneakers Top Bottom Views

How to style them:

The Tread Low can be worn with just about anything and still look great. Pair it with your everyday basics like Selvedge denim and a tee, or dress it up with some nice pants or even a suit. For women, the white sneaker goes beyond comfy and is perhaps the most versatile travel shoe around, and not just with casual clothes. Women are embracing the sneaker market en masse, pairing them with a skirt or dress creates a beautiful juxtaposition.

Best White Low Top Sneaker Style

How to clean them:

Personally we like ours a little dirty, But if you like the clean look we won't judge. If you like em clean, we suggest using a cleaning solution from Jason Markk. Since the shoes are made of a leather upper and a rubber outsole, you can clean them to your liking.

Rather than the high retail markup associated with designer brands, MOBS delivers luxury-grade quality at a more affordable price. You can thank the brands direct-to-consumer business model for that. Centered around Mobility, Optimism, Beauty and Soul, MOBS creates expressive and versatile footwear with movement in mind. Check out the Tread Low, and the diverse range of styles sold exclusively through the MOBS website.

Shop men's Tread Low in Blanc

Shop women's Tread Low in Blanc

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Influencers Wearing MOBS Shoes

Posted by Vladimir Crowley on

Some of the biggest social influencers are fans of MOBS Design’s shoes, wearing them on their day off as much as on their way to work. All styles in the collection are offered in both men and women sizes. From our modern refined sneakers to our boots, come shop your favorites!
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MOBS Founder Alexandre Benaim Featured in The HYPE Magazine

Posted by Vladimir Crowley on

Founded by Alexandre “Alex” Benaim, the shoes produced by MOBS Footwear manage to be simultaneously chic, fashionable, affordable and functional. MOBS is based on “Mobility, Optimism, Beauty and Soul,” but just as interesting to this writer is that MOBS Footwear’s current collection of shoes is fully unisex. 
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MOBS Founder Alexandre Benaim Talks Sneakers with FORBES Magazine

Posted by Vladimir Crowley on

Not all shoes are made for walking. After recently moving back into an urban setting, where my days are spent getting around mostly on foot—I’ve been reminded of this fact. I have found myself regularly passing over my beautiful stiletto collection (partly due to the fact I don’t want to ruin them in the concrete jungle) in search for an alternative that can handle the daily grind while simultaneously looking good. Enter MOBS, a year-old start-up shoe brand founded by Alexandre Benaim that’s on a mission to bridge the gap between comfort and style while seamlessly marrying utility and luxury for the modern day globetrotter...
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MOBS Founder Alexandre Benaim Featured in MR Magazine

Posted by Vladimir Crowley on

Born from an inherent appreciation and fascination of shoes, MOBS designer, owner, and founder Alexandre Benaim was inspired to create a brand that marries utility and style after observing human migration patterns across different cultures...
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